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The Science
of High Performing

The Wethos Way

Know. Predict. Grow.

Know Your Team

Discover the Hidden Strengths of Your Team with Wethos AI

Unearth Individual Talents with Wethos Style Assessments

Make Informed Decisions Powered by Wethos AI Analytics

Predict Their Needs

Anticipate Team Success: Optimize with Wethos AI Insights

Forecast Career Paths with Personalized Wethos Insights

Lead with Confidence: Predict Outcomes with Data-Driven Insights

Grow Their Capabilities

Elevate Your Team's Potential for Unmatched Business Growth

Cultivate Exceptional Talent and Propel Your Business Forward

Transform Data into Business Success with Strategic Insights


The Ethos of We

 Ethos is the "character" and "culture" of a person or team. We quantify the Ethos of everyone on a team to empower them to achieve their highest potential individually and collectively.

Maximizing Team Performance with Proven Science

Leverage the Wethos Way, a methodology rooted in 30 years of rigorous behavior science, now enhanced with cutting-edge AI.

Using real time insights managers cultivate more effective working relationships with their direct reports.

Unlock Potential in Minutes

With just an 8-minute investment, discover the unique Wethos Style of each team member, driving enhanced productivity and job satisfaction.

Awareness fosters improved mutual comprehension among teams, improving dynamics.

Enhancing Workplace Harmony

Utilize our approach to Team Factor Analysis to enhance team composition, communication, decision-making, conflict resolution, motivation, and performance. We provide support to employees, managers, and leaders through early prediction capabilities, empowering organizations to proactively tackle potential challenges.

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While intuitively we know every team member is unique and different, Wethos allows us to understand the differences clearly and shows us how to leverage them as the true strength of our team.

- Rick Jensen

Chief People and Places Officer, Headspace

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