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Know. Predict. Grow.


Wethos: The Ethos of We


 Ethos is the "character" & "culture" of a person or team. We quantify the Ethos of everyone on a team to empower them to achieve their highest potential individually and collectively.


Welcome to The Wethos Way: where 30 years of validated psychometric research is amplified by Artificial Intelligence. Wethos harnesses the power of four key scales - ideas, relational, action, and order - to deliver insightful guidance for individuals, teams, and organizations.

Upon completing our short 8 minute assessment, users receive a 4-digit Wethos Style that unlocks a world of tailored insights. We've leveraged the potential of generative AI with our large language model, JedAI, to create a truly personalized work experience.

The Comfort Index further enhances the employee experience by pinpointing alignment within an organization and role. Early intervention enables managers to prevent small issues from escalating. Playing to employee strengths leads to higher engagement, productivity, and longer tenures.

Wethos is committed to enhancing our insights so individuals, teams and organizations can continuously develop and excel. Welcome to a smarter way of working with Wethos!


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While intuitively we know every team member is unique and different, Wethos allows us to understand the differences clearly and shows us how to leverage them as the true strength of our team.

- Rick Jensen, Chief People and Places Officer, Headspace