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Leveraging AI to ensure the right people, are on the right team, in the right place, at the right time


The Wethos Platform quantifies individual and team needs - applying them to the organization - rather than imposing organizational needs on individuals


This is what sets us apart


Wethos Style

A unique Wethos Style is provided upon completing our assessment, paired with tailored insights for the individual.

Working Together

Users are provided tailored coaching for themselves and other team members in specific workplace scenarios. 


Create your core team as well as project teams to gain insight into individual behavioral styles, how they manifest in a team and maximize strengths.

Scale Synergy

Rather than analyzing each of our 4 scales independently, we look at how they work together to enhance the insights provided.

Ask JedAI

A key Wethos differentiator using Generative AI, Wethos is able to provide users with task lists and tailored feedback.

Comfort Index

Identify at risk employees and intervene early to decrease turnover costs, improve engagement and foster better manager/employee relationships.




Wethos Style

Gain Insight Into Your Natural Tendencies

Wethos Style

An individual's Wethos Style, a distinctive behavioral blueprint, is unique to each person, reflecting a complex array of personal attributes with 625 possible combinations spread across our four distinct scales. Wethos is designed to dive into the intricacies of human behavior, acknowledging that each person brings a different set of strengths and natural tendencies to the table. We champion the concept of behavioral diversity, encouraging an environment where differences are not just recognized but celebrated.

The Wethos Style is the key to unlocking the platform's functionality, serving as a guiding framework for examining and analyzing the dynamics within teams, providing insights into interpersonal relationships and one-on-one scenarios, and aiding in broader organizational development. 


Wethos Style - The Scale

Discover Your Behavioral Blueprint

At the intersection of a person's personal, professional, and community life, after exhaustive research and both exploratory and confirmatory analysis, Wethos created the four scales that serve as the best predictors of workplace behavior:

Ideas, Relational, Action & Order




Working Together

Create Awareness & Leverage Individual Strengths


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  • A user can run a scenario between any two Wethos Styles to receive specific insights on how they would best work together and tips to avoid potential misunderstandings. They will receive a series of do's and dont's for 5 common workplace scenarios.

Make Decisions Efficiently

Communicate with Context

Feel Prepared for Any Scenario



Teams - Team Profile

Understand Team Strengths & Optimize Performance


Within the platform, the team view allows users to comprehend the behavioral diversity of their group, highlighting potential biases that might emerge when members think and function similarly. This viewpoint offers insights, enabling team members to identify whom they closely resonate with and whom they can approach for alternative perspectives. The objective of this perspective is to empower teams to harness individual talents, optimizing productivity and effectiveness.

Wethos Core Team

Team Summary

Team insights and highlights natural tendencies of the group

Team Snapshot

Visual representation of the Team's Wethos Styles


Who will behave in similar ways? 

Needs Based Teams

Create teams with styles that align to the task at hand


Teams & organizations can achieve maximum productivity when each individual feels understood and heard



Teams - Team Coaching


Identify Gaps and Facilitate Team Development 

Even top performing teams can fall into dysfunction. Team coaching offers a transformative approach to enhancing group dynamics, communication, and performance within an organization. By providing tailored guidance and a safe space for dialogue, it helps identify and address collective challenges, paving the way for improved collaboration and conflict resolution. Ultimately, team coaching fosters a unified, resilient, and high-performing team culture, where individual strengths are leveraged for collective success.


Improve Team Dynamics

Boost Employee Engagement

Enhance Profitability

Team Summary

Common Team Dysfunctions

  • Poor Communication
  • Inability to Make Decisions
  • Lack of Productivity & Cohesion
  • Unhealthy Conflict

Benefits of The Wethos Way

  • Improve Team Dynamics
  • Come Prepared & Ready to Work
  • Leverage Needs Based Hiring
  • Allow Conflict to Surface in a Productive Way



Scale Synergy 


Unlock The Dynamics of Human Behavior



We look at the relationship between

Ideas and Relational

& Action and Order

to provide users with enhanced precision and accuracy



Ideas & Relational

Focusing on process

Subjective vs. Objective Processing


Action & Order

Focusing on execution

Content vs. Impact Focused

Upward Line Movement

We perceive our four scales not as isolated units, but as interconnected facets of human behavior. Our approach extends beyond providing insights on the four individual scales; we delve into the interaction of natural behaviors and their mutual influences. By employing the concept of Scale Synergy, we achieve a level of accuracy in predicting human behavior that is truly unparalleled. This holistic view allows us to capture the fluidity and complexity of human actions and tendencies with remarkable precision.

Key Differentiator

We don't view each scale as a separate entity. Human Behavior is complex and fluid and our model reflects that



Not only do we provide insights across the four scales, but we look at how natural behaviors influence each other 


Enhanced Precision

Through Scale Synergy, we are able to create unprecedented precision when predicting human behavior




Large Language Model

Ask JedAI


Created & Trained by Wethos

Unlimited Scenarios

Ask JedAI  about any workplace scenario and receive tailored coaching

Any Individual

Improve working dynamics with any team member & walk into a meeting prepared

Task Lists

Auto-generate a task list for you and another team member on any project


Utilize individual strengths and understand who you're working with




Comfort Index


Identify At Risk Employees and Intervene Early


Analyze Work Alignment

Analyze alignment of daily tasks with Wethos Style natural behaviors. 

Measure Workplace Fit

Analyze employee comfort within their organization & team.

Consider Contextual Factors

Major organizational changes, commute, overtime, remote work.






Our pricing model is tailored to teams, offering subscriptions designed to accommodate different group sizes and needs, ensuring a collaborative and cost-effective experience. Individual subscriptions are not available, as we believe in fostering teamwork and collective growth, thereby providing features and pricing that reflect the value of interconnected success..

Leadership Starter Pack

9 Users

$895/ Year


Enterprise Pricing

Company Wide

Contact Sales for Pricing