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Comfort Index:

Unlocking employee insights for better management

Comfort Index

The Wethos AI Comfort Index provides a powerful tool for managers to gain deeper insights into their team's well-being and unlock their full potential.

The Wethos AI Comfort Index empowers managers to understand their direct reports' comfort levels at work. It goes beyond simply measuring company culture by dynamically calculating a work alignment score based on two key factors:

  • Daily task relevance: This measures how relevant and meaningful employees perceive their daily tasks to be.
  • Teamwork feedback: This captures the level of collaboration and support employees feel within their team.


The Comfort Index then averages these scores to provide a clear picture of the overall comfort level within the team and for individual team members. This valuable information allows managers to:

  • Identify areas for improvement: By pinpointing specific factors influencing comfort levels, managers can address issues proactively and create a more positive work environment.
  • Support individual needs: Understanding individual comfort levels allows for tailored support and coaching, fostering individual growth and engagement.
  • Boost team performance: High comfort levels are linked to increased collaboration, motivation, and productivity, ultimately leading to a more successful team.


of employees worldwide are disengaged

- Gallup

profit growth when employees are engaged

- Corporate Leadership Council

cost of disengagement in the US every year

- Gallup

Less likely to leave if employees are engaged

- Corporate Leadership Council

Comfort Index Dashboard

We incorporate a myriad of components when evaluating an employee’s comfort levels: work alignment, workplace fit, and other contextual factors.


comfort index


Click on an individual to gain further detail into their specific comfort level. We map their comfort across the four scales to better pinpoint where they may not be thriving.


$500,000 In Potential Savings
Reducing turnover by even just 2% in an organization of 500 employees, where the average annual salary is $50,000, the organization could save approximately $500,000.

The Comfort Index promotes transparency and effective growth opportunities.

Proactively Act Predict risk of attrition, understand team strengths & opportunities  
Identify Discrepancies

Find misalignments between individual and team strengths and their objectives

Improve Decision Making Guide team composition decisions and strategies using data driven insights