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Understand your team's strengths and blind spots to optimize performance


Team Insights

Any team can thrive and any team can fall into dysfunction. Protect against dysfunction by embracing real time Wethos Copilot coaching to transform group dynamics, communication, and performance. 

Wethos AI understands where your team’s strengths will benefit the end goal and where biases or blind spots may become obstacles. Wethos AI delivers a unified, resilient, and high-performing team culture.


Create Transparent Team Dynamics

Predict & Mitigate the Impact of Biases

Promote Employee Engagement & Productivity

Wethos AI Team Types

*Access Varies on License
team composition Team Composition Prediction
Team Composition Prediction

The Wethos AI platform uses predictive AI to simplify team creation, enabling managers to customize teams based on project needs, size, and skill balance. It streamlines the formation of cross-functional teams aligned with project goals. 

*With leader licenses only

10-4 My Team
My Team

The My Team page is someone’s core team members that interact most often - usually on a daily basis. This view allows team members to get to know one another on a deep level and understand how to maximize individual strengths. If a new team member joins, they can walk in prepared on their first day.

9-3 Project Teams
Project Teams

Best used for cross-functional projects, side projects, and specialized tasks. Individuals can create any number of project teams and elect to make them public or private*. This is a great way to test out various team compositions and see how the insights change.

*with Pro and Leader licenses

11-1 Working Together
Working Together

Working Together is a feature that provides situational coaching for a user and one other individual across various common workplace scenarios.

Step 1

Managers can create a project, set the team size, and weight the percentage of behaviors and Hard Skills taken into consideration.

Team Recommendations
Receive team recommendations labeled Team A & B and compare to decide which team is best suited for the project or task.
Team A Members
Review each team member suggested on each team and examine their predicted alignment to both the project and the style most suited.
Team Summary Ideal
Read a summary about each team to further understand the various strengths and blind spots of each team composition.
Team Alternative Member
If a team member isn't available or you want to explore more options, you can look at the suggested alternatives.
Team Save
Select the team you want and save. Send out notifications via Slack & Google Calendar integrations. 

Team Composition Prediction

*Only available for Leader Licenses

Precise: Tailors team composition recommendations with AI, ensuring an ideal match for project requirements.


Efficient: Streamlines the team selection process for specialized projects, saving time in forming cross-functional groups.


Data Driven: Eliminate bias and identify who is truly the best fit for the project at hand using data-driven insights.

Accelerate Team Cohesion

Joining a new team, or adding new team members, changes team dynamics. Wethos AI reveals your team's core behaviors and tendencies.


My Team

*Available for all Licenses

Cohesion: Daily interactions shaped by the Wethos Way enhance team unity.

Insight: Collaborate effectively by deepening understanding of team member’s strengths for optimal collaboration.

Empowerment: Tailored coaching equips team members to best leverage individual and team capabilities.

Project Teams

*Only available with Pro & Leader Licenses

Versatile: Build any team for any project with immediate insights into team composition. 

Limitless: Allows for the creation of an infinite number of project teams with options for public or private settings, suiting different privacy needs.

Experimentation: Model various team compositions and observe how insights and biases evolve, to predict team dynamics.


Colleague Engagement   |   Improving Communication   |   Giving Feedback   |   Receiving Feedback   |   Making Decisions


Working Together

*Only available with Pro & Leader Licenses

Collaborative: Receive tailored insights on collaborative dynamics between any two Wethos Styles™, optimizing teamwork efficiency.

Do's & Dont's: Gain actionable do's and don'ts for navigating five common workplace scenarios, enhancing communication and understanding.

Proactive: Discover strategies to prevent and address misunderstandings, creating a smoother and more efficient workplace that concentrates on objectives without being sidetracked.