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Wethos Copilot:
Your Dedicated

Personalized Digital Delegate for individuals, teams, leaders & organizations

Wethos Copilot

Created & Trained on You

  • An expert on your Wethos Style - uniquely trained on platform data to promote more nuanced communication
  • Meticulously tailored to align with individual needs and goals
  • Capable of providing insights on team composition, task allocation, strategies for enhancing productivity & more
Integrate with Slack

Live Wethos Chat
Ask questions, learn more about yourself, team or company any time.

Situational Automated Insights 
Just in time insights delivered right to your fingertips. Go into a meeting prepared. 

Daily Activities
Help Wethos AI learn more about you and your team through a series of quick daily activities.

Efficient Project Coordination
See Wethos AI in action with tailored Slack channels. Enhance productivity by interacting with context.

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Orienting Participants to Each Other's Wethos Style
Sends reminders with insights into attendees' Wethos Styles, enabling tailored interactions and smoother meetings.

Monitoring for Meeting Fatigue
Detects signs of fatigue, allowing adjustments to meeting frequency and ensuring team engagement and well-being.

Customized Meeting Insights
Offers specific advice based on the meeting's topic, like decision-making styles, for more targeted discussions and outcomes.

Get More Value From Meetings
Fosters an inclusive environment where each member’s unique style is valued. Utilizes insights into individual preferences to focus discussions, enhancing productivity.

Individual Benefits

Identify Your Strengths

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  • Understand Individual Strengths and Natural Behaviors
  • Predict Where Individuals Will Excel Based on Their Strengths
  • Identify Opportunities for Growth



Improve Team Dynamics

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  • Address Individuals & Team Needs
  • Understand Individual & Team Strengths
  • Build High Performing Teams

Leadership Benefits

Lead with Confidence

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  • Build Strengths-Based Teams Quickly
  • Improve Decision Making
  • Foster Healthy Relationships

Organization Benefits

24/7 Insights

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  • Improve Workplace Culture
  • Reduce Turnover and Improve Engagement
  • Enhance Operational Efficiency


"80% of leaders agree that enabling employees to make data-driven decisions can increase productivity, customer satisfaction, and improve product and service quality."

- ThoughtSpot


Useful Wethos Copilot Prompts

Easy ways to interact with Wethos Copilot to benefit you, your team, and your organization

This list highlights several typical applications but doesn't cover all the potential ways you can utilize Wethos Copilot


Leverage Your Unique Style

Leverage Your Unique Style

  • "How might my innate behaviors potentially conflict with others?"
  • "How am I similar to my team, how am I different?"
  • "My Wethos Style is 4355, what does that mean, what are my strengths?"

Calendar & Scheduling

Calendar & Scheduling

  • "How should I organize my week to avoid getting fatigued?"
  • "I have back to back meetings all day, how can I mentally prepare and not burn out?"
  • "How should I structure my day to be the most productive and engaged?"

Prepare for Meetings

Prepare for Meetings

  • "I have a brainstorming meeting with my team later, can you write me an agenda?"
  • "I’m feeling nervous about giving my direct report a performance review, how do I provide constructive feedback?"
  • "My team tends to lose focus and go down rabbit holes, how do I get them back on track?"

Manage Interpersonal Dynamics

Manage Interpersonal Dynamics

  • "I don’t feel like my manager listens to me when I try to share ideas, how can I be more assertive?"
  • "My coworkers find me overly blunt but I think I’m just being direct and up front, how can I better communicate?"
  • "My direct report is extremely conflict avoidant, how do I encourage them to speak up more?"

Understand Your Team

Understand Your Team

  • "Who are the outliers on my team and how can I best leverage their strengths?"
  • "My team does not collaborate well, how do we ensure everyone gets to have a voice?"
  • "What are possible biases my team could encounter, and how can we effectively address them?"

Improve Communication

Improve Communication

  • "Despite feeling like our meetings are productive, my team often ends up confused afterward. How do I ensure everyone is clear on goals?"
  • "My coworkers often misinterpret the intent of what I’m saying, how can I fix this?"
  • "My manager’s communication style is extremely long-winded, how do I get them to be more concise?"