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SMB Solutions

Wethos AI is tailored to meet the needs of smaller and mid size organizations.

Streamline Strategic Hiring & Talent Management

Implement Behavior Based Hiring Identify the behaviors, skills and competencies needed for current and future roles, considering your organization's strategic goals and objectives.
Go beyond traditional job descriptions Create detailed profiles that outline the specific skills, experience, and personal qualities needed for each role.
Analyze Team Dynamics Understand the strengths and weaknesses of existing teams and identify areas where new talent can contribute.
Forecast future needs Consider upcoming projects, growth plans, and potential changes in the industry to anticipate future skill requirements.

Create Team Cohesion Faster

Encourage Cross functional collaboration Encourage cross-functional collaboration: This allows employees to learn from each other and develop a broader understanding of the organization's operations.
Accelerate integration

Modern work environments demand a streamlined approach for assimilating new team members effectively. By leveraging Wethos, organizations can significantly reduce the time it takes for new hires to reach full productivity, enabling quicker utilization of the unique capabilities and fresh perspectives they offer.

Helps navigate through the initial 'forming' and 'storming' stages more quickly, reducing the typical duration of these phases.

Promote Faster Cohesion Wethos AI offers a way to understand team dynamics and individual working styles, aiding significantly in the integration of new team members. By analyzing work styles across four scales—Ideas, Relational, Action, and Order—Wethos AI helps new members quickly grasp the working dynamics of their teams.
Streamline onboarding Reduces the time-consuming phase of getting to know team dynamics and individual quirks, potentially shortening the adjustment period by weeks.

Develop & Retain High Performing Teams

Foster a Culture of Continuous Learning

Wethos AI supports professional development and continuous improvement. It encourages a feedback-rich culture, helping employees acquire new skills and share ideas, fostering ongoing personal and professional growth.

Personalize Learning & Development Utilizing the platform to create customized learning pathways based on individual strengths and development needs. This empowers team members to continuously improve their skills and knowledge, maximizing their potential.
Implement Feedback & Coaching Implementing a system for regular feedback exchange between team members, managers, and peers, fostering open communication and constructive criticism for continuous improvement.
Be Proactive Proactively pinpoint potential challenges and assist employees in leveraging their strengths in everyday job duties.