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Our Features


Leveraging AI to ensure the right people, are on the right team, in the right place, at the right time



The Wethos Platform quantifies individual and team needs - applying them to the organization - rather than imposing organizational needs on individuals


This is what sets us apart


Wethos Copilot

A key Wethos differentiator using Generative AI, Wethos is able to provide users with task lists and tailored feedback.

Wethos Style

A unique Wethos Style is provided upon completing our assessment, paired with tailored insights for the individual.


Create your core team as well as project teams to gain insight into individual behavioral styles, how they manifest in a team and maximize strengths.

Comfort Index

Identify at risk employees and intervene early to decrease turnover costs, improve engagement and foster better manager/employee relationships.



Wethos Copilot


Created & Trained by Wethos


Identify Your Strengths in the Context of Your Work and Peers

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Understand Individual Strengths & Natural Behaviors

Predict Where Individuals Will Excel Based on Their Strengths

Identify Opportunities for Growth


Improve Team Dynamics and Work With Context

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Understand Individual & Team Strengths

Address Individual & Team Needs

Build High Performing Teams


Foster Better Relationships, Lead With Confidence

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Build Strengths Based Teams Quickly

Improve Decision Making

Foster Healthy Relationships


Weave Wethos Copilot Throughout your Organization for 24/7 Insights

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Improve Workplace Culture

Reduce Turnover and Improve Engagement

Enhance Operational Efficiency

Created & Trained by Wethos

Ask Wethos is an expert in the Wethos Way, uniquely trained on the Wethos Platform, ensuring that all responses are meticulously tailored to align with individual Wethos Styles. As a result, when users seek advice on team composition, task allocation, or strategies for enhancing productivity, the recommendations provided are not generic but are instead precisely calibrated to reflect the ethos and methodologies that are central to the Wethos approach.

Wethos Copilot



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Daily Activities: Help Wethos learn more about you and your team through a series of quick daily activities.

Live Wethos Chat: Ask questions, learn more about yourself, team or company any time.

Situational Automated Insights: Just in time insights delivered right to your fingertips. Go into a meeting prepared.

Efficient Project Coordination: See Wethos in action with tailored Slack channels. Enhance productivity by interacting with context.

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Customized Meeting Insights: Offers specific advice based on the meeting's topic, like decision-making styles, for more targeted discussions and outcomes.

Monitoring for Meeting Fatigue: Detects signs of fatigue, allowing adjustments to meeting frequency and ensuring team engagement and well-being.

Orienting Participants to Each Other's Wethos Styles: Sends reminders with insights into attendees' Wethos styles, enabling tailored interactions and smoother meetings - understand potential issues.

Get More Value From Meetings: Fosters an inclusive environment where each member’s unique style is valued. Utilizes insights into individual preferences to focus discussions, enhancing productivity.




Wethos Style

Gain Insight Into Your Natural Tendencies

Every person who completes the Wethos assessment finds their place on each of our four scales which have been scientifically validated as predictors of workplace behavior: Ideas, Relational, Action & Order These four scales are a consistent measures of someone’s natural behaviors. We provide situational coaching to allow individuals to best use their strengths and manage their blind spots. The best Wethos Style is your Wethos Style. To learn more about the science of our four scales read our white paper here.


Four Scales
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Wethos Styles represent your unique behavioral blueprint, reflecting a complex array of professionality traits and biases across four scales.

This blueprint unlocks the platform's functionality, serving as the framework for the Wethos Platform, including Wethos Copilot. It quantifies the human component of individual and team performance, serving as a catalyst for organizational growth and success.

Line Movement

Using our four independent scales together provides a holistic view of a person’s natural behaviors and their mutual influences; this allows us to achieve an unprecedented level of accuracy in predicting human behavior. Grouping our scales, rather than viewing them only as isolated constructs, allows us to capture the fluidity and complexity of human behavior and tendencies with remarkable precision.

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Ideas & Relational

Focusing on process

Subjective vs. Objective Processing


Relational & Action

Focusing on movement

Immediate Movement vs. Measured Movement


Action & Order

Focusing on execution

Content vs. Impact Focused

Key Differentiator

We don't view each scale as a separate entity. Human Behavior is complex and fluid and our model reflects that



Not only do we provide insights across the four scales, but we look at how natural behaviors influence each other 


Enhanced Precision

Through Multidimensional Analysis, we are able to create unprecedented precision when predicting human behavior




Understand Team Strengths & Optimize Performance

My Team

The My Team page is someone’s core team members that interact most often - usually on a daily basis. This view allows team members to get to know one another on a deep level and understand how to maximize individual strengths. If a new team member joins, they can walk in prepared on their first day.

*all licenses

Project Teams

Best used for cross-functional projects, side projects, and specialized tasks. Individuals can create any number of project teams and elect to make them public or private*. This is a great way to test out various team compositions and see how the insights change.

*with Pro and Leader licenses


My Team

Cohesion: Daily interactions shaped by the Wethos Way enhance team unity.

Insight: Collaborate effectively by deepening understanding of team member’s strengths for optimal collaboration.

Empowerment: Tailored coaching equips team members to best leverage individual and team capabilities.

My Team
project team

Project Teams

Versatile: Build any team for any project with immediate insights into team composition.

Limitless: Allows for the creation of an infinite number of project teams with options for public or private settings, suiting different privacy needs.

Experimentation: Model various team compositions and observe how insights and biases evolve, to predict team dynamics.

Any team can thrive and any team can fall into dysfunction. Protect against dysfunction by embracing real time Wethos Copilot coaching to transform group dynamics, communication, and performance.

Wethos AI understands where your team’s strengths will benefit the end goal and where biases or blind spots may become obstacles. Wethos delivers a unified, resilient, and high-performing team culture.


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Improve Team Dynamics

Boost Employee Engagement

Enhance Profitability


Teams & organizations can achieve maximum productivity when each individual feels understood and heard



Comfort Index


Identify At Risk Employees and Intervene Early

Analyze Work Alignment

Analyze alignment of daily tasks with Wethos Style natural behaviors. 

Measure Workplace Fit

Analyze employee comfort within their organization & team.

Consider Contextual Factors

Major organizational changes, commute, overtime, remote work.

We incorporate a myriad of factors when evaluating an employee’s comfort levels: work alignment, workplace fit, and other contextual factors.

comfort index
comfort index

Click on an individual to gain further detail into their specific comfort level.